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We have seen the light again

We are pleased that we have now entered into a partnership with one of Norway's mostacknowledged northern lights actors. 

Busstransport AS and NorthernShots Tours AS have agreed that Busstransport will be the supplier of transport for their Northern Lights tours that start in Narvik. 

NorthernShots was among the first to start aurora hunting in Tromsø.

In November 2019, they established a separate department in Narvik, and quickly saw that they needed a local supplier of transport who knew the region well. Via mutual acquaintances, they were directed towards us and now we have found out that this is a collaboration that both want.

We are looking forward to many great Northern Lights hunts, in areas we know well. Together, we believe that we will be able to deliver magical experiences on our trips. 


(Photo: Busstransport AS)


(Photo: NorthernShots Tours AS)

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