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We are preparing  on an increased workload and is therefore looking for new hourly drivers for our team. We run assignments for most groups, at home and abroad.


As a bus driver, you are our representative and our external face and have a lot to say about the passengers' experience of the trip. You are proud of your job and show respect for your colleagues and passengers.


You must enjoy working independently but also work well in collaboration. Our assignments often require you to be able to solve tasks efficiently, but with the main focus on safety.

As a bus driver with us, you will experience many new places and activities.

You must be good at orienting yourself to new places, situations and equipment.

We are looking for people of order who treat the vehicles in the best way - this to achieve the best experience for you and the passengers.

Flexibility is and must be one of our most important points.

All new drivers will receive training and follow-up.

Can you tick the following:

- Service person who loves to make other people's experience as good as possible

- Calm, even under pressure

- Man of order

- Can work independently, but also in a team

- A contributor to the workplace, customers and traffic situations

- Conscious of responsibility, takes care of fellow human beings and equipment

- Professional appearance, with an eye for detail

Jackpot? Send us an email with your application and CV to

Qualification requirements:

  • Valid driver's license for bus class D, YSK (Professional driver's certificate) and driving record

  • Oral and written Norwegian in a min. level B1 is an absolute requirement. 

  • Attitudes that enable you to identify with our values

  • Safe and comfortable driving style

  • The ability to act professionally in different situations

  • Service minded

  • Flexible regarding driving times

  • If you have a valid driving license for class D1, this will also be considered

We can offer:

  • A secure job with orderly working conditions

  • A good working environment with generosity, involvement and good cooperation

  • A varied job where you, as Busstransport's representative, in meetings with customers/colleagues will experience both challenges, laughter and joy during a working day

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